Worksite LTCi

Agents in the individual market typically rely heavily on cross-selling and referrals to get in front of new clients. But there is another highly lucrative option you might be missing: the worksite market.

Only 8,000 businesses currently offer an LTCi benefit to their employees, according to the AALTCI. That leaves another 5.8 million small- to medium-sized businesses in the United States that do not yet offer this benefit.

While sales in the individual market have declined over the past two years, worksite sales continue to climb. Many experts expect sales to continue to grow for several years.

Unique Features

  • Businesses want to attract or retain key talent – Offering portable LTC insurance protection represents a low-cost way for employers to enhance their benefits package and attract and retain top employees.
  • Tax advantages – for the business or business owner.
  • Employee demand – Employees are increasingly concerned about LTCi issues and they know that getting it through the workplace is desirable because of simplified underwriting.
  • First-hand exposure to long-term care – n the part of the business owner or key leadership – Employers who are familiar with LTC issues, particularly on a first-hand basis, are the greatest advocates for worksite LTCi.